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Slide Our Story Mini Acre Farm is focused on growing and selling high quality vegetables, microgreens, herbs
and edible flowers that are pleasing to the eye and the palate on less than an acre of land in an
urban community.
Our Services - Delivery according to plan
Micro Greens We Grow Arugula; Mizuna, Red; Amaranth, Red, Mustard, Green; Mustard, Red; Broccoli Raab; Pea; Brussel Sprout; Radish, China Rose; Buckwheat; Radish, Hong Vit; Cabbage, Mixed; Radish, Mix; Cabbage, Red Acre; Radish, Purple; Carrot; Radish, Triton; Cress, Curled; Sunflower; Colorful Mix; Spicy Mix; Fenugreek; Turnip; Kale, Red Russian; Wadish Mix; Kale, Scotch; Wasabi; Kohlrabi, Purple; Lettuce.
Current Subscriptions - Microgreens

- Greens
- Sorrel

- Edible Flowers

- Cut Flowers
- Bouquets


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